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We work hard to keep our choir accessible and affordable, and our fees have been frozen for several years now. However, we’ve had a re-think and refresh for 2023, and have come up with a slightly revised system.
  • Pillar of the Community Rate:  £110 for the whole term. This covers our whole 10 week term, any performances and all resources.
  • Skint but Enthusiastic Rate : £90 for the whole term. This is a reduction on the standard rate, for anyone who needs it. No need to ‘prove’ anything – it’s based on what you feel you can afford – not employment / retirement status, with no questions asked.
  • Generous benefactor Rate: £130 for the whole term. This is a ‘pay it forward’ option, for anyone who feels like they can afford to pay a bit more. This will help support others who pay at lower rates and enable people with less cash at their disposal to come along and sing. Hopefully, it all evens out and is much appreciated.
  • DROP-IN SESSIONS: £12 for one session and / or £30 for three sessions. These are now priced at £12 per session, but you can also buy a block of 3 drop in sessions for £30. These can be used at any point during the current term.
  • CARERS AND STUDENTS. We really want to make choir accessible for differently abled singers who might need to bring a carer to choir. We also want to encourage Younger People and full time students (who don’t have to be Younger!) so we have a Special Concessionary Rate of £5 per session available. (Please only use this rate if you couldn’t otherwise afford to come to choir – thanks x)